U.S. Tour to Conquer Summer 2014; Other Bands Include Suburban Scum, Downpresser, Iron Mind & More


Some of hardcore’s heaviest hitters are teaming up for the Life & Death tour this summer.  Headlined by New York’s Backtrack,support bands include Harm’s Way, Expire, Suburban Scum, Downpresser and Iron Mind who are all on the entirety of this U.S. tour.  Freedom and Will To Die will split opening duties on the front and back halves of the run.  The Life & Death Tour will feature regional guests each week, with Incendiary covering the first week, Turnstile the second, and Bitter End the third week and a half.  Check out the full tour routing below.

The Life & Death Tour will be the main event of Summer 2014 with this unstoppable lineup.  Also, new albums are on the horizon fromExpire and Iron Mind and recent releases from Backtrack, Downpresser, Harm’s Way and Incendiary have surfaced over the last year.  This tour will also serve as exclusive shows in the area for many of these bands.  Stay tuned for more details and ticketing info coming soon.


6/25 Nashville, TN @ The End w/ Incendiary, Freedom

6/26 Chicago, IL @ The Beat Kitchen w/ Incendiary, Freedom

6/27 Hamtramck, MI @ Smalls Bar w/ Incendiary, Freedom

6/30 Worcester, MA @ Club Oasis w/ Rude Awakening, Freedom

7/1 Glen Lyon, PA @ Glen Lyon VFW w/ Freedom

7/2 Long Island, NY @ The Hungarian Hall w/ Incendiary, Freedom

7/3 Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter w/ Freedom, Turnstile

7/4 Fayetteville, NC @ Drunk Horse Pub w/ Freedom, Turnstile

7/5 Atlanta, GA @ Under The Couch w/ Freedom, Turnstile

7/6 Jacksonville, FL @ Underbelly w/ Freedom, Turnstile

7/7 Tampa, FL @ Crowbar w/ Freedom, Turnstile

7/8 Pensacola, FL @ The Handlebar w/ Freedom

7/9 Houston, TX @ Walters w/ Bitter End, Will To Die

7/11 San Antonio, TX @ The Korova w/ Bitter End, Will To Die

7/12 Albuquerque, NM @ The Gasworks w/ Bitter End, Will To Die

7/13 Scottsdale, AZ @ Pubrock w/ Bitter End, Will To Die

7/14 Pomona, CA @ Aladdin’s Jr w/ Bitter End, Will To Die

7/16 Camarillo, CA @ Rock City w/ Bitter End, Will To Die

7/17 Oakland, CA @ Oakland Metro w/ Bitter End, Will To Die

"Run Forever" Appears on Some Heavy Ocean, Coming May 20th from Sargent House; Pre-Order Now from iTunes
                                             *photo by Gregory Burns
"…textured post-rock endeavors mixed with gorgeous, atmospheric folk." - Pitchfork
Listen to the second track to surface from Emma Ruth Rundle’s debut solo album, “Run Forever”, now on  This song appears on Some Heavy Oceanwhich will be available May 20th from Sargent House on CD, LP and Digital formats.  The album is available for pre-order now on iTunes and comes with instant downloads of songs “Run Forever” and “Arms I Know So Well”.
Some Heavy Ocean presents a collection of impassioned, cathartic songs exorcising the ghosts of one of life’s dark detours.  Melancholic, but equally hopeful and accessible, the album wears its emotions on its sleeve.  One critic described Rundle’s voice as “bone-chilling texture filled to the brim with intent”, and a better description is difficult to imagine; when paired with her compelling guitar playing, and enduring spirit takes root.
Emma Ruth Rundle got her start in 2007 when she assembled the self-described folkgaze collective, The Nocturnes, for the purpose of performing her work.  The following year, she was drafted into the monolithic post-rock supergroup Red Sparowes.  Touring the world playing the Sparowes’ epic brand of instrumental heaviosity sparked a fruitful musical connection with fellow Sparowes guitarist Greg Burns.  When that band commenced a well-deserved hiatus in 2011, she and Burns (on the invitation of Russian Circles), instigated a new group, Marriages, who released a stunning debut mini-album, Kitsune.  Meanwhile, Rundle and friends as The Nocturnes reconvened briefly in 2011, issuing a full-length album, Aokigahara, while solo she recorded an album of experimental guitar compositions.
What followed was a “dark, difficult time”, marked by family problems and personal struggles which, though exhausting emotionally, also incubated Rundle’s conviction to use their inherent misery as fuel for expression.  And so, in 2013, she literally moved into Sargent House’s home studio in Echo Park, sequestering herself for two months while writing and recording what would become Some Heavy Ocean.  Itself a taxing experience, the process of creating the album was fraught with problems and setbacks that, naturally, served to fortify its unmistakable air of sadness and desperation.  Which isn’t to say Some Heavy Ocean isn’t equally optimistic or compelling.  An apt title if ever one existed, the album swells and crashes, waxes and wanes, ebbing and flowing, the way all great albums do.  
Some Heavy Ocean Track Listing:
1.  Some Heavy Ocean
2.  Shadows of My Name
3.  Your Card the Sun
4.  Run Forever
5.  Haunted Houses
6.  Arms I Know So Well
7.  Oh Sarah
8.  Savage Saint
9.  We Are All Ghosts
10.  Living With The Black Dog
Emma Ruth Rundle Press Assets.
Emma Ruth Rundle / Sargent House.
Emma Ruth Rundle / “Run Forever”.


"Where You Rest Your Head At Night" Appears on Desideratum, Available May 13th from The Flenser
Having just returned from a U.S. tour, Planning For Burial is gearing up for the release of Desideratum on May 13th and just premiered a new track over on  “Where You Rest Your Head At Night” is the first track to be unveiled from this full-length album, the band’s first in almost four years, and is perfect first selection from this New Jersey-based gloom project.
Planning For Burial is the product of a single wunderkind taking healthy obsessions with certain influences and filtering them through a droning, gloomy spyglass that evokes only the most concrete blues (the emotion not the music) this side of the gray waters of the Atlantic. While Planning For Burial gets lumped in with the whole wave of “bedroom recording artists” (which is where the project toiled for years until debut LP Leaving finally was released in 2010), the mastermind behind the project sets himself apart from his peers due in no small part to his background in sound.  Like labelmates Have A Nice Life, Planning For Burial’s brand of dark shoegaze/gloomgaze is hard to categorize, but it’s sound contains elements of slowcore, shoegaze, doom, drone, 90’s alt rock, 80’s goth, and black metal, while never being defined by any one of those genres.
Over the course of the last four years, Planning for Burial has been sporadically popping up in live venues (sharing the stage with a wide breadth of musical compatriots from Chelsea Wolfe to Deafheaven, while seeming out of place at none) along the east and west coasts and releasing a slew of EPs and splits on various labels.  Now, Planning for Burial is gearing up to release Desideratum on San Francisco’s Flenser Records on May 13th and the band will announce more tour dates for this summer very soon.
Desideratum Track Listing:
1. Where You Rest Your Head At
2.  Desideratum
3.  29 August 2012
4.  Purple
5.  Golden
Planning For Burial, Discography:
Leaving LP (2010) Enemies List Home Recordings
Desideratum LP (2014) Flenser Records
Untitled EP (2011) Music Ruins Lives
Late Twenties Blues EP (2011) self-released
Quietly EP (2013) Enemies List Home Recordings
Glowing Windows, Walk Alone EP (2013) Self-released
Split w/Lonesummer (2010) Music Ruins Lives
Split w/Dreamless (2013) Altar Of Waste
Split w/Lonesummer (II) (2013) Music Ruins Lives
Coming June 10th from The Flenser; US Tour with Deafheaven to Coincide

Wreck & Reference’s new 11-song album, Want, has been slated for a June 10th release on CD, LP and Digital formats through SF-based dark music label The Flenser.  37 minutes in length, Want was recorded by the band and mixed/mastered by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Whirr, Loma Prieta) and sees Wreck and Reference taking a new sonic direction while maintaining their hold on experimental, electronic, and post metal genres: a trainwreck of contradictions that is devastatingly addictive.  In conjunction with their new album release, Wreck & Reference has been tapped as support (alongside Pallbearer) on the upcoming Deafheaven tour which starts June 8th in Boston and ends July 2nd at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco - check out the full routing below.  

Formed in 2011 by drummer Ignat Frege and instrumentalist Felix Skinner, Wreck & Reference play by their own rules and create a sound that is unorthodox and captivating using drums, vocals, and computers.  The band released their demo Black Cassette that same year, which immediately turned heads from critics and fans alike.  The following year, Wreck & Reference released their debut full-length, Y̶o̶u̶t̶h̶, to more critical praise.  Even more dark and mysterious than its predecessor, Y̶o̶u̶t̶h̶catapulted Wreck & Reference to the forefront of unconventional heavy music.  The band released their landmark effort C̶o̶n̶t̶e̶n̶t̶ in May of last year, also on The Flenser, which was called “weirdly heavy and unnerving” by NPR.
Song premieres, pre-order information, and more tour dates coming soon for Wreck & Reference’s Want.  In the meantime, check out a segment of a new track alongside footage of Wreck & Reference in the studio here.  
Want Track Listing:
1. Corpse Museum
2. Apollo Beneath The Whip
3. Stranger, Fill This Hole In Me
4. Bankrupt
5. A Glass Cage For An Animal
6. A Tax
7. Flies
8. Convalescence
9. Machine Of Confusion
10. Swallow
11. Apologies
8  Boston, MA @ Sinclair w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
9  Philadelphia, PA @ Barbary w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
10  Washington, DC @ Rock & Roll Hotel w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
11  Richmond, VA @ Canal Club w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
15  Miami, FL @ Churchill’s w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
16  Orlando, FL @ Backbooth w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
17  Tampa, FL @ Crowbar w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
18  New Orleans, LA @ One Eyed Jack’s w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
20  St. Louis, MO @ Firebird w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
21  Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
22  Madison, WI @ High Noon Saloon w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
23  Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
24  Lawrence, KS @ Granada w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
26  Houston, TX @ FItzgerald’s w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
27  Austin, TX @ Red 7 w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
28  Dallas, TX @ Club Dada w/ Deafheaven, Pallbearer
30  Phoenix, AZ @ Crescent Ballroom w/ Deafheaven, Destruction Unit
1  San Diego, CA @ Casbah w/ Deafheaven
2  San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall w/ Deafheaven


Passenger Available April 22nd; Pre-Order Now from All Black Recordings

"…Passenger is not the product of any one genre, but the result of an ecstatic consumption of music — its sole constant element is its joyous, furious energy." - Stereogum

Listen to Black Monolith’s debut full-length album (and inaugural release from All Black Recording Company) Passenger  The album is available for pre-order now in the ABRC Store.
Oakland, CA’s Black Monolith is the one man project of Gary Bettencourt that first entered the music sphere with its 2011 Demo, receiving admiration from various blogs and publications including Decibel Magazine, Invisible Oranges, and Cvlt Nation. Recorded by himself and only mastered by Jack Shirley (Wreck and Reference, Botanist), Passenger shows Black Monolith at the height of its unrelenting aggression, fury, and expansion.
On the release, ABRC co-founder George Clarke commented, “Having known Gary for years, I’m so excited that we have the chance to get his music out to people who deserve to hear it. Generally regarded as a quiet introvert, Black Monolith has allowed him to speak volumes and with this release, absolutely showcases his ever evolving craft.”
Passenger will be released on April 22nd on beautiful 180 gram gatefold vinyl with cover art by Bryan Proteau, additional art by Reuben Sawyer, and layout design by Sutekh Hexen’s Kevin Yuen.


Album Art & Track Listing Announced; Tour Announcement Coming Soon

Midwestern heavy hitters EXPIRE recently wrapped recording on their second full-length at Howl Street Recordings in Milwaukee.  Following its completion, the album went into the hands of Jay Maas at Getaway Studios for mastering and is now ready to be heard.  Titled Pretty Low, this new album features eleven tracks of honest and uncompromising hardcore and is the follow-up to Expire’s B9 debut Pendulum Swings which was called “one of the best hardcore albums to be released this decade” by Rise HXC.

Since Expire’s formation in 2009, they’ve released demos and 7 inches, toured the globe numerous times over, hit festival after festival, and released their landmark debut full-length Pendulum Swingsin May of 2012. They’ve been on the road almost non-stop over the last two years, with not even a hint of slowing down in 2014.  Expire kicked the year off with dates in Japan, Europe and the UK, and have already canvassed the United States.  Now, Expire is gearing up for the release of Pretty Low onJune 17th as they finish out their tour dates with Stick To Your Guns and Terror and play highly coveted sets at festivals like Rain Fest (Seattle) and This Is Hardcore (Philadelphia).  A very, very exciting summer tour will be announced soon as well.

Song premieres, videos and pre-order information will be coming soon from Expire and Bridge Nine Records.

Pretty Low Track listing:

1.  Pretty Low

2.  Just Don’t

3.  Fiction

4.  Gravity

5.  Nobody

6.  Old Habits

7.  Forgetting

8.  Callous

9.  Rejection

10.  If It Were Up To me

11.  Second Face


April 10  Albuquerque, NM @ Blackwater Music

April 11  Mesa, AZ @ Nile

April 12  Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction

April 13  Las Vegas, NV @ East Side Joe’s

April 14  Grand Junction, CO @ Eagle’s Lodge 595

April 15  Colorado Springs, CO @ Triple Nickle Tavern

April 16  Waterloo, IA @ 220 East

May 23  Seattle, WA @ Rain Fest

July 24-27  Philadelphia, PA @ This Is Hardcore Festival


Song Streaming on; New EP, DE III, Available Next Tuesday

"This is what hardcore was, what hardcore is and what hardcore can be." -

Listen to the new Dead Ending Track, “Rewire”, here. This track appears on the band’s DE III EP, which will be available next Tuesday, April 15th from Bridge Nine Records.  DE III features five new tracks that pack a punch like never before, as well as guest appearances from punk legends Jake Burns (Stiff Little Fingers) and Jeff Pezzati (Naked Raygun, The Bomb).

Chicago’s Dead Ending can be described as an 80’s influenced hardcore/punk band and includes members of Rise Against, Alkaline Trio, Articles Of Faith and All Eyes West.  The band boasts two releases already under their collective belt - 2012’s S/T EP and DE II the following year, both released on Alternative Tentacles.  Dead Ending formed in 2011 when guitarist Jeff Dean met and befriended Vic Bondi, the frontman of legendary Chicago punk band Articles Of Faith, while on tour. The two bonded together over hyper-aggressive 80’s bands and discussed the possibility of starting their own. Dean began writing songs and recruited longtime friend and Alkaline Trio drummer Derek Grant to help him lay the tracks down in Million Yen Studios, where Jeff works as an engineer. Vic liked the songs and signed on. Joe Principe of Rise Against then came on board as bassist and Dead Ending was officially born. 

Pre-order Dead Ending’s DE III EP now from the B9Store

Song Appears on Refractory Obdurate, Available April 29th from Deathwish Inc. / Glitterhouse Records
"If this is just a taste of the LP, the mind boggles at how great the whole thing will be. " - The1stFive
Check out another new Wovenhand track, “Good Shepherd”, now courtesy of  This song appears on the band’s forthcoming full-length Refractory Obdurate, available April 29th via a partnership between Deathwish Inc. and Glitterhouse Records.  
Wovenhand is a band led by dedicated life-musician and lyricist, David Eugene Edwards. Over the last two decades, his prolific work in both Wovenhand and the legendary 16 Horsepower has influenced and inspired a generation of musicians throughout the expansive alternative music world. 
Wovenhand cannot be described in traditional terms. Their sound is an organic, weavework of neo-folk, post rock, punk, old-time, and alternative sounds. All coming together as a vehicle for David’s soulful expression and constant spiritual self exploration. Sometimes sad and sorrowed and at other times uplifting, Wovenhand are always unforgettable in spirit and sound. 
Refractory Obdurate is a moving masterwork that shows Wovenhand exploring louder roots hinted at on prior albums. As they maintain their melodious course, “Good Shepherd”, “Field of Hedon”, and “Hiss”, stomp forth with a newly amplified punk rock heart.  While “The Refractory”, “Salome”, and “Obdurate Obscura” each ascend epically into a multi-layered haze. Ten songs in all, Refractory Obdurate plays as a beautifully crafted patchwork that transcends genres and expectation; a true artistic achievement, that only Wovenhand could offer.
Refractory Obdurate Track Listing:
01. Corsicana Clip
02. Masonic Youth
03. The Refractory
04. Good Shepherd
05. Salome
06. King David
07. Field of Hedon
08. Obdurate Obscura
09. Hiss
10. El-bow
Converge, Trap Them, Doomriders, Code Orange Kids & Others to Perform
Deathwish Inc. is proud to announce a two night Deathwish event July 22nd and 23rd at The Sinclair in Cambridge MA, featuring exclusively Deathwish affiliated artists.   This is the first in a series of Deathwish Events that will happen in the future worldwide.
Converge and Trap Them will headline both nights of the event, and it will be both bands’ only Boston area appearances this year. It will also be the only area appearance for Modern Life Is War, Harm Wulf (G. of Blacklisted), and YAITW who are all making the journey exclusively for these shows. It will also serve as the New England stop for the Oathbreaker and Cult Leader U.S. Tour (more details on that tour soon). Add the monstrous Doomriders, Code Orange Kids, Self Defense Family, New Lows, and Chrome Over Brass (Al of American Nightmare, etc) and you have a truly diverse and powerful lineup.
Tickets go on sale 04/11 at
$20 a Day | $50 2 Day Pass w/ J. Bannon Limited Silkscreened Print (Limited to 100 Copies, to be picked up in person at show).
Night 1 | Tuesday July 22nd 2014 | 6PM | All Ages
Trap Them
w/ special guests:
Modern Life Is War
Cult Leader
Self Defense Family
Harm Wulf (George Hirsch of Blacklisted)
Night 2 | Wednesday July 23rd 2014 | 6PM | All Ages
Trap Them
w/ special guests:
YAITW (Young and in the Way)
Code Orange Kids
New Lows
Chrome Over Brass (Al from American Nightmare, etc)
More info at |


The Distance Is So Big Available Now from Bridge Nine Records


"Buffalo outfit Lemuria offsets twee guy-girl vocal interplay with surprisingly tight, muscular guitar pop. Why can’t all indie rock kick this much ass?" - Time Out New York 

Lemuria kicked off 2014 on an amazing Australian tour followed by an even more amazing tour throughout Southeast Asia.  Now, the band is excited to announce an extensive North American run in support of The Menzingers in June and July.  This tour, which also features Pup and Cayetana, will take the bands from coast to coast across the United States with a pit stop in Toronto, ON as well.  

Lemuria is also scheduled to play a few local shows this weekend in New York in addition to a few East Coast shows next weekend.  Check out Lemuria’s touring schedule below and see them on the road in support of 2013’s landmark release The Distance Is So Big and be sure to keep up with Lemuria in real time on Facebook.

Thu-Apr-03 Fredonia, NY BJ’s

Fri-Apr-04 Syracuse, NY Wescott Community Center

Wed-Apr-09 Allentown, PA Event Space @ Muhlenberg College

Thu-Apr-10 Durham, NH University of New Hampshire

Fri-Apr-11 Albany, NY Pauly’s

Sat-May-24 Fresno, CA Nickfest


Thu-May-29 Pawtucket, RI The Met

Fri-May-30 New York, NY Webster Hall

Sat-May-31 Philadelphia, PA Union Transfer

Sun-Jun-01 Washington, DC Rock N Roll Hotel

Mon-Jun-02 Rochester, NY The Bug Jar

Tue-Jun-03 Toronto, ON Opera House

Wed-Jun-04 Cleveland, OH Grog Shop

Thu-Jun-05 Pittsburgh, PA Altar Bar

Fri-Jun-06 Chicago, IL Bottom Lounge

Sat-Jun-07 Minneapolis, MN Triple Rock

Sun-Jun-08 Des Moines, IA Vaudeville Mews

Tue-Jun-10 Davenport, IA River Music Experience

Wed-Jun-11 St. Louis, MO Firebird

Fri-Jun-13 Denver, CO Marquis Theatre

Sat-Jun-14 Salt Lake City, UT Kilby Court

Sun-Jun-15 Boise, ID The Shredder

Tue-Jun-17 Seattle, WA El Corazon

Wed-Jun-18 Portland, OR Branx

Fri-Jun-20 San Francisco, CA Slim’s

Sat-Jun-21 Los Angeles, CA Roxy Theater

Sun-Jun-22 San Diego, CA The Irenic

Mon-Jun-23 Scottsdale, AZ Pub Rock

Tue-Jun-24 Albuqurque, NM Launchpad

Thu-Jun-26 Austin, TX Red 7

Sun-Jun-29 Houston, TX Fitzgeralds Downstairs

Mon-Jun-30 New Orleans, LA Siberia

Wed-Jul-02 Tampa, FL Orpheum

Thu-Jul-03 Orlando, FL The Social

Fri-Jul-04 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade

Sat-Jul-05 Richmond, VA Strange Matter

Sun-Jul-06 Baltimore, MD Ottobar


Pallbearer and Wreck & Reference to Appear on Select Dates in the U.S.

Co-headline Shows Confirmed With Chelsea Wolfe in Europe


Deafheaven just closed out a 41-show North American tour last weekend (shortly after completing a headlining Australian run), and are ready to announce even more tour dates around the world this Spring and Summer.  Beginning in May, Deafheaven will tour SE Asia and Japan, followed by appearances at various high-profile European festivals (including Primavera in Spain and Fortarock in the Netherlands).  Upon returning the States, Deafheaven will play Governor’s Ball in NYC and subsequently kick off a headlining tour across the United States with Pallbearer (Profound Lore) and Wreck & Reference (Flenser Records) in tow.  Deafheaven will also hit Bonnaroo in Tennessee in June  and after a very brief break post-U.S. headliner, Deafheaven will make a pit stop at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago before trekking back to Europe in August.  There, Deafheaven will kick off the tour at OFF Festival in Poland and continue on co-headline shows with Chelsea Wolfe as they head to Belgium for Pukkelpop and London for Jabberwocky Festival.

Check out Deafheaven’s full routing below as they tour relentlessly in support of their most recent release and best reviewed album of 2013, Sunbather.




25  Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theatre w/ Earth, Marriages


2  Taipei, Taiwan @ The Wall

3  Singapore @ Beep Studios

6  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia @ ALT + HQ Fahrenheit 88

8  Jakarta, Indonesia @ The Basement Cafe, Kemang Raya

9  Beijing, China @ Yugong Yishan

11  Shanghai, China @ Yuyintang

13  Tokyo, Japan @ Earthdom

14  Osaka, Japan @ Conpass

15  Nagoya, Japan @ Club Upset

16  Tokyo, Japan @ Eggman

23-25  Quincy, WA @ Sasquatch Festival 

28  Athens, Greece @ Gagarin 205

30  Barcelona, Spain @ Primavera

31  Nijmegen, Netherlands @ Fortarock


1  Karlsruhe, Germany @ Jubez

2  Milan, Italy @ Magnolia

3  Padova, Italy @ Radar Festival

4  Rome, Italy @ Traffic Live Club

7  New York, NY @ Governor’s Ball

8  Boston, MA @ Sinclair *

9  Philadelphia, PA @ Barbary *

10  Washington, DC @ Rock & Roll Hotel *

11  Richmond, VA @ Canal Club *

13  Manchester, TN @ Bonnaroo

15  Miami, FL @ Churchill’s *

16  Orlando, FL @ Backbooth *

17  Tampa, FL @ Crowbar *

18  New Orleans, LA @ One Eyed Jack’s *

20  St. Louis, MO @ Firebird *

21  Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick *

22  Madison, WI @ High Noon Saloon *

23  Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock *

24  Lawrence, KS @ Granada *

26  Houston, TX @ FItzgerald’s *

27  Austin, TX @ Red 7 *

28  Dallas, TX @ Club Dada *

30  Phoenix, AZ @ Crescent Ballroom **


1  San Diego, CA @ Casbah ^

2  San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall ^

20  Chicago, IL @ Pitchfork Festival


2  Katowice, Poland @ OFF Festival

3  Dresden, Germany @ Beatpol ^*

4  Vienna, Austria @ Arena ^*

5  Prague, Czech Rebublic @ Klub 007

7  Gothenburg, Sweden @ Way Out Festival

8  Oslo, Norway @ Oya Festival

10  Aarhaus, Denmark @ Voxhall

11  Copenhagen, Denmark @ Dirty Days of Summer

13  Hamburg, Germany @ Hafenklang

14  Hasselt, Belgium @ Pukkelpop

15  London, UK @ Jabberwocky ^*

16  Manchester, UK @ Gorilla ^*

17  Belfast, Ireland @ Mandela Hall ^^

18  Galway, Ireland @ Roisin Dubh ^^

19  Dublin, Ireland @ Whelans ^^


* w/ Pallbearer, Wreck & Reference

** w/ Destruction Unit, Wreck & Reference

^ w/ Wreck & Reference

^* w/ Chelsea Wolfe

^^ w/ No Spill Blood



Track Appears on Her Debut Solo Album, Some Heavy Ocean, Coming May 20th from Sargent House

 *photo by Gregory Burns

Listen to the first track premiere from Emma Ruth Rundle’s debut solo album for the song “Arms I Know So Well” here on Pitchfork.  

Known for her work in Red Sparowes, Marriages, and The Nocturnes, Emma Ruth Rundle’s first official solo album Some Heavy Ocean presents a collection of impassioned, cathartic songs exorcising the ghosts of one of life’s dark detours.  Melancholic, but equally hopeful and accessible, the album wears its emotions on its sleeve.  One critic described Rundle’s voice as “bone-chilling texture filled to the brim with intent”, and a better description is difficult to imagine; when paired with her compelling guitar playing, and enduring spirit takes root.

Some Heavy Ocean will be available everywhere on CD, LP and Digital formats on May 20th from Sargent House and is available for pre-order here.  Check out the track listing below, and stay tuned for more song premieres and more information on Emma Ruth Rundle coming very soon.  

Some Heavy Ocean Track Listing:

1.  Some Heavy Ocean

2.  Shadows of My Name

3.  Your Card the Sun

4.  Run Forever

5.  Haunted Houses

6.  Arms I Know So Well

7.  Oh Sarah

8.  Savage Saint

9.  We Are All Ghosts

10.  Living With The Black Dog



Emma Ruth Rundle Press Assets.

Emma Ruth Rundle / Sargent House.

"Arms I Know So Well" Soundcloud.

New Album, Totem, Available Now; Record Release Show Friday in Brooklyn

Check out White Suns’ new video for “Prostrate” which “…parallels the music’s erratic attitude as it features a homeless person, gestating trash can eggs and a hooker with some mad shades and a wind machine” now on Brooklyn Vegan.

This video track appears on the band’s third album, Totem, which hit stores yesterday through San Francisco-based dark music label The Flenser.  On this new album, White Suns’ signature onslaught is tempered by deadened stares and slow-burn instrumentals.  Renowned recording engineer Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans, Foetus) provided documentation of the performance in his labyrinthine BC Studio compound.  Totem is rock music realizing its obsolescence; the work of a band compelled to mutate.
Brooklyn’s White Suns has existed since 2006 and is comprised of members Kevin Barry, Dana Matthiessen and Rick Visser.  The band sculpts sound using detuned guitars, amplified drums, and makeshift electronics.  Their aural explorations begin at the intersection of punk and electronics-based noise, oscillating between crushingly dense assaults and articulate hushed passages. While in NYC, White Suns have released two full-length albums - Waking In The Reservoir (UgExplode, 2011) and Sinews (Load, 2012) - along with a handful of small-run releases. Their material has received accolades from the New Yorker, SPIN, and Pitchfork among others. White Suns has extensively toured the U.S. and garnered a reputation as a threatening and intense live act.  
See the band’s record release show at Reverse Space in Brooklyn on Friday, March 21st.  More info here.
Order White Suns Totem now from
White Suns - Totem Track Listing:
1 Priest In The Laboratory
2 Prostrate
3 Disjecta Membra
4 Cathexis
5 Fossil Record
6 Clairvoyant
7. World Lock
8. Line of Smoke
9. Carrion
Record Label Partnership with Deafheaven’s George Clarke and Longtime Friend Derek Prine
All Black Recording Company was created to profile artists that each have their own brand of power and emotion while presenting their music in the highest physical quality available.
In addition to its creation, ABRC is proud to announce its first release, the debut LP of Oakland, California’s Black Monolith entitled ‘Passenger’. Black Monolith is the one man project of Gary Bettencourt that first entered the music sphere with its 2011 Demo, receiving admiration from various blogs and publications including Decibel Magazine, Invisible Oranges, and Cvlt Nation. Recorded by himself and only mastered by Jack Shirley (Wreck and Reference, Botanist), Passenger shows Black Monolith at the height of its unrelenting aggression, fury, and expansion.
On the release, George Clarke commented, “Having known Gary for years, I’m so excited that we have the chance to get his music out to people who deserve to hear it. Generally regarded as a quiet introvert, Black Monolith has allowed him to speak volumes and with this release, absolutely showcases his ever evolving craft.”
'Passenger' will be released via ABRC in April 2014 on beautiful 180 gram gatefold vinyl with cover art by Bryan Proteau, additional art by Reuben Sawyer, and layout design by Sutekh Hexen's Kevin Yuen.
More info soon.
Black Monolith ‘Passenger’ cover art:

YAITW When Life Comes To Death Album Specifics Revealed
In Stores May 27th from Deathwish Inc.

YAITW (Young and in the Way) are a blackened metal/crust hybrid from the shadows of North Carolina. Over the last four years YAITW have evolved through multiple releases from vicious monster to multi-headed beast, with each offering melding a vicious metal speed and hypnotic atmospherics with a bleak hardcore/punk spirit. 

When Life Comes To Death is the newest album from YAITW. It is their eleven song war between the pain of living and the magnetic pull of death. Each song is as dispirited and vitriolic as the next. Embattled opener “Betrayed By Light” emerges from darkness first, setting an ominous tone with haunting buzz-saw guitars, vicious vocals, and crushing d-beat drumming. While YAITW embrace demon speed and emotional dynamics in nihilistic hymns “Be My Blood”, “Take My Hand”, “We Are Nothing”, and more. All leading to closers “Shadow of Murder” and “Embrace Extinction”, that together play as an aural eclipse of truly epic proportions.
When Life Comes To Death Track Listing:
01. Betrayed By Light
02. Fuck This Life
03. Be My Blood
04. Self Inflicted
05. Loved and Unwanted
06. We Are Nothing
07. Final Dose
08. Weep In My Dust
09. Take My Hand
10. Shadow Of Murder
11. Embrace Extinction